Sunday, 11 September 2011

How To Attract Beautiful Gay Women

I saw a lot of butches or gay women are often doing the wrong moves or saying the wrong things when it comes to attracting femmes, especially the beautiful ones.

I think most of us are influenced by the romantic films and we just follow what we think the "natural" way to pick up a girl.

Whistling or making a hissing sound that sounds like a mouse to draw the attention of women is definitely a "NO-NO" if you really want to get date with the woman. Sane beautiful lesbian woman will only be upset and annoyed when you do this.

Those who respond to this method of attraction is the psychopath, desperate and probably "not so nice looking" women. And believe me, you do not want to date women who are desperate and psycho!

So, I created a "3 Step System in Attracting Women," women who are only appealling to us,, who happen to be hot and beautiful :). So, here goes...

STEP 1: Decide what kind of woman you want to date (or be your girlfriend).

Write it in your diary. Memorize it, so every time your friends or someone asks what kind of woman you want to marry or date, you can say it without hesitation. No "Ummm" or "I think I will ...". You need to be sure.

STEP 2: Find out what kind of person these women would be attracted to.

STEP 3: BE that person and go pick her up!

Yes. It is that SIMPLE. But the hardest part will be the third step. Why? Here is where we need to be "outside the comfort zone" to be hot chics magnet.

But if you're really serious and want to be beautiful, healthy woman of mind, you have to work for PAL)

This article is by Chetz Togom. To know more about attracting beautiful gay women, go to

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