Monday, 12 September 2011

How To Get Girls - The First Thing You Must Get Before You Can Get A Girl

You can learn or remember all pick up lines in the world, but if you do not get this one thing, you must will not get girls. So what is the important thing?

The first thing you do is get a life. Yes, before you can get a girlfriend, you must first get a life.

What I mean by this? Living is not partying every night with friends. I should mention here because some people might think that is what life is.

Having a life means you have some life goals that you want to accomplish and you have something you want. The more passionate you are, the more attractive you are to women.

Life is a work in progress. If you have nothing to work at, then you have no life. Note that your job may be your "work in progress" or not.

If you love your job, you can be happy and there will always be something to learn, something new and interesting to talk about.

But if the work is just work, every day is the same thing, and is most likely a boring person if you do not have other things going on outside of work.

It will be worse if you hate your job, you are likely to complain about your work Note that whining and complaining is a sign of "wussiness" and this is a "woman-repellent".

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